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Lanzshou sits upon the Silk Road within China directly between the Yellow River and a mountain range. Fight for control of the famous and unprotected Silk Road trade route. This is the Silk Road map with a buildable trade route and a new treasure set. Designed exclusively to be included into the Competitive Map Set. Removed Painted Desert, and Silk Road. Includes all the Competitive Maps. The Asian Dynasties and follow this path: Delete the file called "playercolors. Please be sure to go over your hotkeys before playing. This patch was developed by the GameRanger balance team.

If you need help or questions involving the patch, please send a private message over GameRanger to one of the following account numbers: And how? These may or may not be problems on the Windows copy of the game. This patch is for Mac OSX. All bugs were fixed using Xcode, my awesome brain, and emailing of other moddders and former ES employees for help.

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That said, many of the changes are good ones, I myself will have to test them into my own game to see if they belong, such as less Abus Gun range. However, if possible, I will confer with my available testers. A note: Also, the texture coords, or texture co-ordinates on Big Buttons refer to a picture of 5x3, a total of 15 Big Buttons. Not all of the Big Button icons are used yet, and you just put in the right texture coordinates and viola, you can use the unused art files.

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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Windows, Mac game

I highly advise looking into this, especially if you want to add new big button techs into the game. I'd advise taking the SPC Ossuary Building, copy it at the end of the file, and add stuff from a bank to it, and make its use a university-type building. If you want, you can use the name and all the techs I had ideas about and add them into your patch I called mine Observatory, but beware of using University, because the Napoleonic Era NE crowd will get angry about their supposed "copyright". In my own mod, I don't have too many techs for this building about for Iroquois and Sioux , in correspondence to the Observatory about 30 for each civ , or the Aztec Great Temple Aztec Factory-type building with special Warrior Priest Upgrades.

If 25, then 25 can dance there. As far as I know, 25 is the limit, otherwise the animation glitches up its coded only to have 25 art-bones in dancers. A suggestion by Sporting Lisbon in my patch was to give Pikemen HP, 10 attack, with 4x vs cavalry and 3.

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Also, increasing their maximum hand attack range slightly though it makes them more vulnerable to musketeers , would give them a great edge over cavalry units. I even tested giving Pikemen 1 area, but I didn't like the results, so I kept the original improved design. The FP 1.

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So, in my patch, Muskets have 21 ranged damage, 1. Ashigarus have 23 ranged damage, 1. Janissaries just get 1. Royal Guard upgrades could be wood, coin. This has been suggested many times over and over, but so far, my patch is one of the few that includes it. Lategame use often drains players, so I advise food, 80 coin for Hussars, 39 Train Points, and 55 food, 95 coin for Uhlans. Cossacks could be 75 food, 70 coin, because they are rarely used otherwise in Early Supremacy due to their absurdly high coin cost.

These changes actually make Cuirassiers less of a problem, because indirectly it makes it easier to counter them. Rodeleros could have HP, 12 damage, 1.

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Historically they were vulnerable to cavalry, and used as anti-pike infantry, so it doesn't make sense to use them otherwise. Doppelsoldners could have 1. Colonial Stats if any are really silly after the above changes, so I'd suggest sticking with Fortress Statistics except for problematic units such as Eagle Runner Knights.

Cavalry, and 1. Historically, grenadiers were big men and had advantage in the melee, so this should be evident that hand infantry shouldn't just pwn them so quickly as in previous versions of the game. For the N3O Patch, I did add civilization attributes, minor ones, note - and these work very well, giving each civilization plenty of replay value. Here is a link of them: Bestieros could cost to wood, but give 13 or 16 Crossbowmen.

Also, some could give more units, and all special one-type unit techs should make their unit type Royal Guard. These are just a few ideas. Again I thank you for considering the Mac Community.

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And thank you for giving time to do this great modification. I'm glad you finally got over Age Sanctuary people not supporting better fan patches than theirs. A lot of people were against the 1. There were some glaring imbalances though in 1. I'm sure 1. We balanced off of that patch with a minimalist approach, as much as we could. Opinions do vary greatly on whats "balanced" between players though, so nothing can every be "perfect". Abus Guns are still "broken" in 1. Crossbows can now not be hit and run quite as easily. If you are truly looking to fix Abus Guns, there is only one possible way to do so.

Remove the siege damage and give them ranged damage. Take all the negative multipliers away and let them have at it. Tried and tested. For instance we changed the way Fan Patch 1. I'd say be patient and look for sales.

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EA manages this problem through Origin There's no reason I shouldn't be able to download a digital copy of AOE3 and use the key from my disc version of the game, with no hassle. Recommended Posts.

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  • Report post. Posted January 16, Does anybody have a link to the download, prefered from the official website? It would be great, if it was the german version. Wish you a good weekend. Greetings Stocki Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 28, If you want a legal AoE 3 you need to buy disc, but you said you don't have disc drive. Posted February 17, Posted March 4, Posted March 18, Posted March 19, Posted March 20, Posted March 25,

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