External usb dvd drive for mac

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But if not, you should stick with a DVD drive, because they're much cheaper.

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This sleek black rectangle easily fits inside a bag or drawer, and it draws power from an included Mini-USB cable. It has a convenient clamshell design and a long USB 3. In our tests, this model was the fastest at burning and ripping DVDs.

 Apple USB SuperDrive Unboxing and Demo!

However, we found this Pioneer model slower to rip Blu-rays than competing drives, and a bit noisier. Burns and rips at the same speeds as our top pick, and uses a more universal Micro-USB cable. Roughly the same size as our top pick, the SP80NB80 has a matte case that shows fewer fingerprints. However, this drive costs significantly more than our pick when not on sale. Depending on the price, you might also have to pay for shipping. But if Blu-rays are more of an occasional need for you, and you mostly use DVDs, our top pick is a better choice.

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How To Get An External DVD Drive To Work With a Mac Laptop

Kimber Streams has covered technology for six years, and has been a PC expert for Wirecutter for more than three years. Nor should you buy one to use with a tablet. The most important features for an optical drive are speed, size and weight, and noise. The drives we tested all operated at about the same speed; since most people use these drives only when necessary, it's not worth spending four times as much to get something that's notably faster, especially since faster drives are also bulkier.

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  • With those criteria in mind, we scoured retailers for the best-selling and top-rated optical drives, and we checked manufacturer websites for models released since our previous update. As we tested, we took note of how easy it was to insert and retrieve discs from each drive, and we paid attention to the noise each drive produced. We also showed the drives to a handful of people for design comparison, and noted how sturdy the drives, buttons, cables, and plugs felt. The GP65NB60 ripped and burned our test disc at roughly the same speeds as the other drives we tested, give or take a few seconds.

    Though the LG GP65NB60 is significantly better than many of the drives we researched, not many things distinguish this model from our runner-up.

    Apple USB SuperDrive

    It's slightly lighter, at 0. If you need a Y-cable to connect to an older computer, this model should do. Well made. So far works fine. Haven't burned a video as of yet. Plays DVDs. Does this work with the Mac Mini? As long as you arre running OSX Is this compatible with Mac mini A? I gave it as a gift to my daughter for college. She never complained or returned it. I guess it does work.

    Will this work with Mac Yosemite? You might also like. Previous page. Best external dvd drives for imac.

    Apple USB SuperDrive - Apple (HK)

    Best CD Drives for Mac mini. Best dvd players for pc.

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    Top Three Picks

    This link seems to suggest is should work, and even a way to work around it with VLC before you buy a second DVD drive. I will try VLC, thanks so much. The point of using the FireWire enclosure is to connect it to a FireWire port for a faster connection. Maybe try copying the file to your desktop, editing that version and copying it back into the correct folder.

    This finally worked! I tried every other attempt through terminal and this is the easiest but effective. I also had to copy the com. Help appreciated. Hi John, Thanks for checking out the blog.

    How To Make a Mac Laptop Recognise an External DVD Drive

    I can confirm that it works with the nvram command. However, some Macs have have other boot-args set already, which would get overwritten this way. And in my case, this also led to the Mac losing its boot disk setting, so it would boot into the Recovery system. Uh, correction on my last comment: And the last comment pointed out in the article above explains that as well, as I realize now. Hi Stanislav. Did you copy the file out of the original location, to somewhere like the Desktop, first to edit it?

    Thank you, thank you. Your tip solved it for me.

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    External usb dvd drive for mac

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